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Enhance your clinical outcomes by making FOR Safety Checklists part of your daily routine.

While dental practitioners understand which steps are necessary to provide safe and effective treatment, the routine use of checklists helps avoid errors of omission as both dental practitioners and their staff do not need to rely solely on memory to remember each step of a procedure.

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FOR Speeds into the Future at DACH!

Under the guidance of Professor Friedrich Wilhelm Neukam, FOR DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) launched at BMW Welt in Munich, Germany on...

Mainz Consensus Meeting

The Consensus is in on the Optimum Number of Implants!

For a fixed prosthesis in the edentulous maxilla or mandible, four or six implants are appropriate as long as the placement does not necessitate...

"Being part of the Emerging Leader Session at the NYC symposium last June was a wonderful experience. This lecture was a great challenge and was very exciting to prepare together with Bernard Touati and Eric Rompen as mentors."

Dr. France Lambert, Belgium

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FOR Humanity

FOR Humanity recognizes humanitarian initiatives and achievements. Shared humanitarian values and engagement are integral to FOR’s culture which supports humanitarian projects and provides complimentary products for treating patients in need

"Now I have a new face for the wedding. I can restart my life after having it on hold for four and a half years."

Eric Moger